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Emergency Dentist Brisbane - Root Canal or Extraction?

Dr. Ellie Nadian is an emergency dentist in Southside Brisbane. In this article she provides two options for dealing with a badly-infected painful tooth.

Emergency Root Canal – Salvaging your own Natural Tooth

In a root canal, the canals inside the root of the tooth are cleaned. Root canal is recommended when a crack or cavity goes all the way to the nerve canal. It is a great way to repair a badly-damaged tooth in an attempt to salvage your precious natural tooth.

Damaged tissues can cause severe pain. We remove the damaged tissue to relieve you from pain. It is done under local anaesthesia and the treatment itself is painless. Yes! Root Canal does not hurt!

Root canal treatment:

  • Is a cleaning and repairing technique.
  • Does not cause pain!
  • Feels like changing a filling.
  • And is normally followed up by a dental crown

Dental Crown is a cap that sits on the tooth and is required to further strengthen the structure of the tooth. Click to see and compare crown options.

Teeth Extraction – Painless Removal of the Entire Tooth

Instead of repairing the tooth, you have the option of pulling the whole tooth and replacing it with a new artificial one.

  • Extraction can be an alternative option to Root Canal.
  • It can be quicker and tends to cost less
  • If the tissue damage is beyond repair, then extraction is the only option.
  • The missing tooth can be restored with an implant

Teeth Extraction is not then end of the world. The missing root can be replaced with an artificial root called a dental implant or other artificial options like dental bridge and dentures.

If you are planning to replace the missing tooth with an implant in future, you need to consider the cost of the implant insertion and also a dental crown that sits on the artificial root.

Extraction vs Root Canal - Cost and other Considerations

Root canal + dental crown option is more cost effective than extraction + implant + crown option.

Also there is no 100% replacement for a natural tooth. A natural tooth should be saved when it is possible.

Both of these procedures are done under anaesthesia and the procedures themselves are painless however, extraction is much more traumatic than root canal.

Placement of an implant (or ridge) will require significantly more appointments and time and may require further procedures to your adjacent teeth or surrounding tissues.

The very best option is try to save your natural tooth with root canal when it is possible. Nothing, even the best implant technology, can replace your natural tooth. But there are cases that saving the natural tooth is only probable and there are also cases when it is just impossible and it must go to tooth heaven.

Complex Cracks in the Tooth – Repair or Replace?

Sometimes pain is a result of a crack in the tooth structure. Some cracks are not deep and are simple to restore. However complex cracks are type of cracks that are deep and even hard to find because they are very fine and do not show up in X-ray images. Read more about Diagnosis of cracked tooth syndrome.

Complex cracks are difficult situations and tend to end up in a dilemma both for the patients and the dentists.  The guide below helps you in making the best choice of treatment.

I’d like to preserve my own natural tooth

Great. You should know that there is no adequate replacement equivalent to a natural tooth. In this case, it is best to try to repair and save the tooth with the Root Canal option and avoid extraction. Our Dentist will try to repair the damages and if the pain goes away, it can mean that the small crack issue has been removed during the treatment. You should consult with our dentist about the wait period before your dental crown appointment to ensure that the small cracks if any are not growing deeper into the pulp area.

I’d like to be certain about the Results

If preserving your own tooth is not an important factor for you and you’d like to have a higher level of certainty in complex cracked tooth treatment, then perhaps extraction and dental implant is the option that you should be considering. You need to be aware that this option is more traumatic than the root canal option and costs higher. However if the root canal fails due to the complex crack syndrome, for example, then you have no option than to extract the whole tooth and replacement with an implant.

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