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At Pure Dentistry we aim to use the latest technology, we use high-quality materials,
we give honest advice, and we genuinely care about our patients. Find your Dentist in Brisbane.

Dentist – Brisbane’s Quality Dental Clinic & Cosmetic Dentists, Your Dentist in Brisbane

Brisbane South-Side Dentistry – Affordable Dental Clinic, Top Rated Dentists in Brisbane, offering Cosmetic Dentistry, Emergency Dental Service, Dentures and Dental Veneers

Welcome to Pure Dentistry, Dentists in Brisbane South-Side. Your local dentists in Mt Gravatt, take care of patients from all around Brisbane. Pure Dentistry is a Brisbane dental clinic that is open 7 days by appointment. Including Weekends, Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays. If you need after-hours or after school dental appointments we can help you with our online booking system and our extended hours. Sunday Dentists are also available with appointments. Pure Dentistry is open on Sundays and Public Holidays by Appointments. With our HICAPS machine, you can claim dental insurance from your health fund provider on the spot.

Find available Brisbane Dentists from our website and make appointments online 24/7.  Not all available appointments are published online. If you cannot find an appointment that suits you, call our front desk on 07 3343 4869 and we will find you the best appointment time possible.

Alternatively, you can email us at for your oral health, dental health, dental emergencies or seek a second opinion.

Brisbane Dentists – Treatments in Pure Dentistry

Dentist Mt Gravatt, Brisbane

Pure Dentistry is a dental clinic located inside the Village Shopping Center in Upper Mt Gravatt a few minutes drive from Brisbane CBD, Wishart, Mansfield, Nathan, MacGregor, Eight Mile Plains, Rochedale, Mackenzie, Sunnybank, Salisbury, Moorooka, Tarragindi, Holland Park and Robertson; central to everywhere.

Pure Dentistry has easy access from Logan Road, Mt Gravatt Capalaba Rd, Kessels Rd and Klumpp Rd.  There is a Medical Center and a Pharmacy right beside us. Our location is convenient to residents of the 4122, 4107, 4108, 4109, 4113, 4156 postcodes.

FREE undercover parking is always available in the village shopping centre and is accessible from Logan Rd Sanders St, and Norton St. The Village shopping centre is Located diagonally across Westfield Garden City Shopping Center and Parking is Quick and Convenient.

Mt Gravatt Dental Services

Our dental team and dental services in Brisbane QLD include Cosmetic Dentistry, Dentist for Children, General Dentistry, Emergency Dental Care and Orthodontic Treatment. We restore broken teeth, Extract Impacted or Diseased Tooth including impacted wisdom teeth removal using sleep dentistry in Brisbane. Tooth Restoration procedures, including white fillings, replacement of amalgam fillings with white fillings and dental crown.

Preventive dentistry including oral health maintenance and routine dental check-up and scaling.

Dentist Mt Gravatt, Logan Rd

Treatments offered in our Mt Gravatt Clinic include Emergency Dentist in Brisbane, MouthguardsDental ImplantsDental Crowns, Dental VeneersTeeth Whitening (Philips Zoom), Dentures, tooth replacements, restoration of broken tooth and dental bridges.

The service and treatment we provide to you is the type of service we would wish for ourselves and our family. Treatments are patient-oriented. We customize treatments to meet the requirements of each patient. Treatment plans are specifically tailored to meet your needs.

Oral care is taken very seriously at Pure Dentistry. We are proud to provide Brisbane residents with high-quality dentistry and excellent dental care. We believe that investing in oral health is one of the best lifetime investments.

Emergency Dentist near me Brisbane QLD 4000

If you have a dental emergency, do not panic, call (07) 3343 4869 our practice telephone is normally call forwarded to one of our after-hours dentists in Brisbane suburbs near me. If you cannot talk as a result of the tooth injury, see if you can find someone else who can call or walk to your emergency dentist if you are close enough.

Examples of cases that require urgent dental attention are Toothache, chipped tooth, broken tooth, injured gums, a dental crown or filling that has fallen out.

In case your tooth has been knocked out, you can keep it in a glass of milk until you get to our clinic. You should also keep the chipped or broken tooth if you can. Visit us as soon as you can. If you cannot access us for some reason, visit the emergency department of a hospital. The nearest hospital to Pure Dentistry is QEII hospital.

Brisbane Dentists near me Preferred Provider for HCF & NIB Health funds

Cosmetic dentists help patients restore smiles and confidence or achieve excellent dental care. Cosmetic dentistry is all about emotion and it is art in the truest sense. Cosmetic dentists consider shape and colour to achieve a desired aesthetic result. In your cosmetic consultation, your dentist explains what you can and cannot expect from your cosmetic treatment.

At Pure Dentistry, we have different tooth whitening treatment options on the menu. We offer take-home kits and also light (LED) activated in-chair teeth whitening using Philips Zoom machine that takes normally one hour.

You can get your brightest whitest smile in the safest possible way. Our Philips Zoom whitening machine is 40% more effective than non-light activated whitening. Teeth whitening is a great way to enhance your smile to a white bright smile. It can also be a great gift to friends and family.

Read about dental veneers in Brisbane. a veneer is a thin shell of porcelain that is adhered to a tooth to provide the desired shape, position or colour for the tooth.  dental veneers are made out of ceramics and are thin shells that covering the front surface of a tooth. The dentist may remove about half a millimetre of the tooth in order to allow for the required space for the new shell to be attached. Then the veneer is directly bonded to the tooth surface.

Brisbane Mouthguards and Splints

Looking for a custom-fitted mouthguard? At Pure Dentistry, we have on-site dental equipment to fabricate cost-effective mouth guards with fast turn-around. Custom-Fit Mouthguards are professionally made by dentists and can protect your teeth and gums against sport-related injuries.

Dental Examination

Our Brisbane Dentists perform a comprehensive dental exam at your initial dental visit. If you are generally nervous in a dental clinic, you are not alone. Just make sure you advise the team so that they take special care of you.

We use modern digital x-rays. An X-ray image is essential for the detection of decays, tumours, bone loss and determines tooth position and root location. The dentist also checks for any sign of oral cancer, gum disease, tooth decay, checks current fillings and crowns.

Checkup and Clean in Mt Gravatt, Brisbane 4122

With cleaning, calculus and plaque are removed from the teeth. Plaque is a sticky and almost invisible film on the teeth whereas calculus is hardened plaque.

Brisbane Dentist: Orthodontic Treatment and Invisalign

Orthodontic problems that go untreated can lead to chewing and consequently digestion problems also speech impairments, and abnormal wear of tooth surfaces.

Orthodontic treatment can improve your overall self-image and if it is necessary, your dentist will thoroughly discuss which option is best suited for your needs.

When teeth do not fit together properly, they affect the teeth and also the appearance of the face. It is called malocclusion and is mostly inherited but habits like teeth grinding and tongue thrusting can contribute to malocclusion. The spacing left from an extracted tooth or early loss of tooth in babies can also cause teeth not to fit together properly.

Pure Dentistry provides Dental Braces and Invisalign services.

Dental Crown Brisbane

dental crown is required when the structure of the tooth cannot be restored with fillings. A crown is a cap that covers the tooth to restore its shape. Tooth coloured crowns (porcelain) are popular because they resemble the natural tooth colour.

Children’s Dentist Mt Gravatt, Brisbane

Kid’s Dental is now bulk billed with Pure Dentistry. We provide a wide range of children’s dentistry treatments and we are passionate about providing quality dental care for children.

Pure Dentistry is a Brisbane bulk billing dentist for CDBS eligible children. We accept The Child Dental Benefits Schedule. Medicare CDBS provides access to basic dental services for eligible children aged from 2 to 17 years old. CDBS is bulk billed at Pure Dentistry. Read about Pure Dentistry Brisbane Kids Specific Dentists here.

Ask our friendly receptionist to check your child eligibility. If your child is enrolled and eligible for CDBS, contact us to ensure they receive the maximum benefits from their CDBS fund.

Health Funds with Dental Cover

No matter which health fund you are with, you are always welcomed at pure dentistry. We accept all health funds including Medibank, BUPA, AHM, NIB, HCF, Frank, Police Health Insurance, Defence Health, etc.

Affordable Brisbane Dental with Payment Plans

At Pure Dentistry, we provide the MySmilePlan payment plan.  This means that you can have your dental treatment when you need it and you don’t need to pay interest. Depending on the treatment value, with MySmilePlan you can break the treatment cost into fortnightly payments over 3, 9, or 15 months.

MySmilePlan offers three types of payment plans depending on treatment cost:

  • Dental treatments with a cost of up to $500 and payment spread over three (3) months
  • Dental treatments with a cost of up to $2000 and payment spread over nine (9) months
  • Dental treatments with a cost of up to $9000 and payment spread over fifteen (15) months

The application process is done in our clinic and it should take less than five (5) minutes.

  • No Interest 0%
  • Treatments up to $9000
  • Fortnightly payments
  • Quick and Simple Application Process
  • Pay Require deposit to get underway
  • Low Establishment Fee

Speak to us and ask about the My Smile Plan Payment Plan should you require further information.

Brisbane Dentists who accept humm payment plan

humm spreads the cost of your dental treatment. With humm dental treatments become very affordable. humm payment plans are very easy to set up if you are eligible. Pay with Humm Dental Payment Plan for necessary treatment or finance your treatment plan with humm.

Brisbane AfterPay Dentists

Pure Dentistry dentists provide dental treatments and accept AfterPay for dental treatments. You can receive the dentistry you deserve not and worry about payment later using our AfterPay arrangement. Read about Pure Dentistry AfterPay dentists here.

Affordable Dentist with DentiCare

With the DentiCare payment plan, you can spread the cost of your dental treatment into affordable payments with a no-interest payment plan. There is no reason to delay necessary dental treatments. Ask our front desk about how a no interest DentiCare Payment Plan can get you into your dental treatment straight away.

DentiCare payment plans can be used for various dental treatments including cosmetic (e.g. dental veneers), orthodontic treatments (Dental Braces or Invisalign) or Dental Crowns and Dental Implants.

To apply for a DentiCare Payment Plan:

  • Fill out the direct debit payment plan form
  • No Need for complicated finance contracts
  • Decide on payment plan details including deposits and payment frequency together with your dentist
  • Pay required deposits and start your treatment with no delay

Speak to us and ask about Denticare Payment Plan should you require further information.

Dentist with Payment Plan

At Pure Dentistry, we provide a Denticare payment plan and MySmilePlan. You can ask us about these payment plans and requirements to benefit from our payment plans.

Book a consult appointment and let our dentists answer your questions. We look forward to welcoming you into our modern dental clinic and invite you to visit us in the upper mount Gravatt village shopping village. We take good care of you and your family.


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Dentists in Brisbane Southside

Pure Dentistry is a Private Dental Clinic in Upper Mount Gravatt, Brisbane. Conveniently Located in Upper Mt Gravatt Shopping Centre with lots of 3H Free and Easy Parking. We Provide General Dentistry, Cosmetics and Quality Dental Care for Adults and Children.

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Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction may be Required for Non-Restorable Teeth, Root Fracture, Impacted Teeth, Crowding, Orthodontic Considerations, …


Dental Crowns

A Dental Crown is a Full Coverage Tooth Restoration. Crown Protects the Integrity of a Tooth with a History of Advanced Decay, Root Canal Therapy or Fracture…


Dental Veneers

With Dental Veneers, Dentists can Change Shape, Colour and Position of Teeth. Veneers can Result in an Entirely New Smile..


Laughing Gas

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Wisdom Teeth

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Child Friendly Dentist

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Philips Zoom! Teeth Whitening

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Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy is an Attempt to Repair a Badly-Damaged Tooth. It can Heal the Inflammation around the Root Ends. Save your Natural Tooth..


Dental Implant

Dental Implant is an Artificial Root which is Placed by the Dentist in the Jaw Bone. Implant is used to Hold a Replacement Tooth or a Dental bridge..



Mouth-guards are routinely used by Participants in Sports. Mouthguards are Worn to Protect Lips, Teeth, Jaw, and Gums from Trauma..


Teeth Grinding

Teeth Grinding or Bruxism is a Habit in Some People. Night-Gurads Can Protect Tooth Enamel against in-Sleep Grinding Habits…



Denture is Removable Artificial Teeth. Dentures are used to Replace Missing Teeth. They can Restore, Appearance, Ability to Eat and Speech…


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Dr. Michel Zabik

Dentist in Brisbane
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General Dentist: Root Canal Therapy | Dental Crowns | Cosmetic Dentistry

Best Kids Dentist in Brisbane

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Dental Implants

Cosmetic Dentists

Our Cosmetic Services include: Dental Veneers, Professional Teeth Whitening, Dental Braces and Invisalign…

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Dental Services

We Provide High Quality Dental Services


Invisalign is a series of Aligners that can Move Teeth into Desired Position. Aligners are Removable and Nearly-Invisible..

Dental Braces

Dental Braces are used by Dentists to Bring Teeth into Alignment

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Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Have your Wisdom Teeth Assessed by a Dentist Before they Become Diseased…

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