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Affordably priced after-hours dental treatment services Brisbane south by the best dentists in Brisbane QLD


Invisalign is a series of Aligners that can Move Teeth into Desired Position. Aligners are Removable and Nearly-Invisible.

Dental Braces

Dental Braces are used by Dentists to Bring Teeth into Alignment

Above are listed different types of specialised dental treatment services that Pure Dentistry does in our hygienic dental clinic south of Brisbane. In addition, these Brisbane dental treatments can be further tailored with special care dental treatment for Brisbane kids by our expert kids’ dentist.

Our sedation dentist and paediatric dentist in Brisbane also provide sleep dentistry and IV sedation to help patients with certain medical conditions, severe anxiety or gag reflexes,  special needs or young children who cannot cope with dental procedures.

Highly rated Pure Dentistry dental treatment services in Brisbane are even more affordable for members of private health insurance funds such as those listed below.

If your Queensland location is south of Brisbane or north of the Gold Coast, bookmark this Brisbane dental services summary webpage for easy access to whatever regular or emergency dental treatment you might need in 2024.

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