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Are you concerned about x-ray radiations? Read our article below for a better understanding of our digital dental x-rays in our upper mount Gravatt dental clinic.

Did you Know?

Similar to icebergs, 90% of carious lesion are hidden beneath the surface. Dentists need X-RAYs to check beneath the surface.

Are dental x-rays safe in Pure Dentistry?

At Pure Dentistry, we use the latest technology. Our x-ray machine is very modern and provides half the radiation compared to other xray machines and provides a quality contrasted image. The dose received by our patients is indicated on the screen after each exposure. The technology used in our practice avoids risk of over exposing as well as unnecessary re-takes. Our digital x-ray is very safe and provides minimal exposure to adults, pregnant women and children.

Why do we use digital dental radiography in Pure Dentistry?

During your dental exam appointment, the dentist will do a visual inspection of your teeth and your gum. X-rays allow your dentist to see what’s happening under the surface and in between your teeth. Your tooth may look ok from the surface and yet it’s health is being compromised from the inside. Our xray machine provides sharp images from inside your tooth. It can also show any recurrent decay underneath old fillings.

Dental x-rays, why dentists need them?

Many Dentists believe that x-rays are a necessary part of any dental treatment plan. Dental x-rays are used as a diagnostic tool to reveal hidden issues. X-rays are also used by your dentist as a preventative measure. When you do your six monthly check-ups and your dentist requests you to take x-rays they are trying to detect oral health issues before they turn into major dental issues.

What do dentists use dental x-rays for?

Dentists use dental x-rays to find cavities, gum diseases or some infections in the mouth. If your dentist is trying to find cavities in a tooth of yours, she may request an intraoral x-ray because an intra-oral xray provides a high level of detail about the tooth.

When the dentist wants to have a look at the tooth roots in preparation for tooth extraction as an example, she will request an intra-oral xray to inspect the roots, surrounding bones and supporting tissues around that tooth. In children’s dentistry, x-ray is used to monitor the status of kids’ developing teeth.

Max OCC Radiograph

Maxillary Occlusal dental X-Ray used by Brisbane Children Dentists

How often do I need dental xrays?

How often you need dental xrays depends on the rate your teeth change from a healthy one to an unhealthy one. This depends on your age and your risk for oral issues. Dentists tend to take digital xrays in the first visit and then usually every two (2) years if not needing monitoring of a specific issue that may need more frequent x-rays.

Should I avoid dental xrays?

Our dentists consider your medical and health history and makes the judgment based on risk assessment. Many oral diseases are not detectable without and xray.

Dental Xrays are the only way your dentist can find certain oral health issues in your mouth. The benefits of a quality dental xray to your oral health outweighs its associated risks so you should not avoid dental x-ray without any reason.

How many types of dental x-rays are there?

In general, there are two types of dental x-rays. The ones that are taken inside your mouth and are called the intraoral x-rays and the ones that are taken from outside your mouth and are called an extraoral x-ray.

If the dentist requires and image to view your entire tooth from its crown to the bone, she will request a periapical x-ray. In children’s dentistry, dentists use occlusal x-ray images to examine children’s tooth development and see the baby and adult teeth.

A bite-wing xray is used by your dentist to view both the upper and the lower posterior teeth. It is a good image to detect decay between your back teeth.

When dentists are interested to view sinuses, joints of your jaw, and the nasal area or when the patient is interested in an orthodontic treatment (straightening teeth) or implant placement, they use a panoramic x-ray image.

Wisdom Tooth X-Ray

Impacted Wisdom Teeth Shown in Radiograph

How long does it take to take and x-ray in Pure Dentistry?

We perform digital x-rays in our clinic and it takes approximately 1 minute. If your dentist requires you to provide an OPG (OPG is a wide view x-ray of the lower face), we refer you to Queensland x-ray 3349 8855 which is in walking distance to our clinic. QLD x-ray address: Ground Floor, 1985 Logan Rd, Upper Mount Gravatt QLD 4122 and the service is Bulk Billed through Medicare.

Is it uncomfortable to take an x-ray in your clinic?

With modern technology, you should not feel uncomfortable. X-ray is painless it is a quick process and you should not worry about pain when it comes to dental x-rays.

“I don’t want all that radiation hitting my head again!”

Digital x-ray is very sensitive to x-ray radiation and is designed to minimise patient exposure to x-ray radiation.

With the advent of digital x-rays, you should not worry about x-ray radiation as much as the old technology in which they used to use 18 separate films to produce and image of your teeth. The amount of x-ray radiation you receive from a single dental digital x-ray (0.1 millirem) is by far less than the level of radiation you receive when you fly from Brisbane to Melbourne (1 millirem).

Still concerned about x-ray radiation?

Ask our staff to provide you with a heavy lead apron cover. The lead shields your body against the x-ray beams. We tend to use the lead apron for pregnant women just for the peace of mind.

Should you have further questions, do not hesitate to call us on 3343 4869 or send us an email from our website.

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