Cancellation Policy

Why a Cancellation Policy?

This Policy enables us to manage appointment schedules, minimise waste of dental materials, provide efficient dental care to our patients and keep the cost of treatment as low as possible.

Why 48 Hour Notice?

A 48 Hour notice allows us to offer the appointment to patients who require urgent dental care.

For each appointment, we sterilise instruments and set up expensive dental materials ready for your treatment.

When appointments are not kept, these materials go to waste and ultimately increases the cost of dental treatment for other patients.

48 Hour Notice

48 Hour notice is required for re-scheduling or cancellation of a scheduled appointment. Please call us on 07 3343 4869 should you wish to re-schedule or cancel your appointment.

Non-Refundable Fees

Non-Refundable Fees: Appointments booked in late nights, Weekends (Saturdays, Sundays) and Public Holidays require Deposit of non-refundable emergency fees.

Emergency appointments booked on late nights, weekends and public holidays, require payment of non-refundable additional fees. The reason for the non-refundable fees is that emergency appointments booked on late nights, weekends and public holidays require surgery set up, post-treatment sterilization, dentist travel and staff penalty rates.

$50 Fee

A Fee of $50 applies to missed, cancelled or re-scheduled appointments without a 48 Hour Notice.

Cancellation fees cannot be billed to your dental insurance cover.

Missed Appointments

Generally, missed appointments cannot be used to treat another patient who may need a different type of treatment.

Late Attendence

If we see patients who present late, this causes us to run late for multiple subsequent patients, who have presented on time and may have other commitments immediately following their appointment.

It would be unfair to our later patients to intentionally run late on this basis.

Dentist May Run Behind

The dentist needs to ensure that treatment is completed to a suitable standard.

You may have to wait approximately ten (10), occasionally twenty (20) minutes after your scheduled appointment time, to be seen.

You can feel comfortable knowing that when unforeseen circumstances arise during a treatment, or patients have complicated medical needs, that the dentist will complete treatment to a suitable standard and will not rush the treatment to see the next patient earlier.