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Why Wisdom Teeth Cause Pain and when Should I have them Extracted?

Wisdom teeth extraction is necessary when there is not enough room for the wisdom teeth to erupt completely. Human mouth, in average, has the capacity to accommodate 28 teeth. If your mouth has just enough room to hold 28 teeth, then it will be painful to try to fit 32 in there.  The other 4 are called 3rd molars and are commonly known as the wisdom teeth and are the last teeth to erupt in your mouth.

Gum Infection

When wisdom teeth are partially emerged from the gum, bacteria can grow in the openings and cause localised infection in the gum. The infection will cause pain, swelling and illness.

Cyst Formation

Wisdom teeth may also grow sideways in your mouth. In some cases they stay trapped in the bone and under the gum tissue. The pressure produced by the trapped wisdom tooth, disturbs the alignment of other teeth and the pressure can form cysts that can impact the jawbone and in some cases destroy the bone.


Wisdom teeth extraction is recommended when it is contributing to teeth crowding. Crowding in most cases is noticeable in the front teeth especially the lower front teeth. Wisdom teeth removal is recommended to keep the jawbone, gums and teeth healthy in the long-term.

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Dr. Vinisha Kapadia evaluates your x-ray to assess the risk of wisdom teeth problems. Early treatment of wisdom teeth provides better outcome. She recommends the first risk assessment to be done in the mid-teenage years.

Even if you are not experiencing any pain, Dr. Vinisha may recommend an early extraction to you if she finds that the erupting wisdom teeth are on a path to cause you oral health issues down the track. A late extraction can lead to complication and more cost if not treated early.

Call Pure Dentistry on 3343 4869 to book your wisdom teeth evaluation and make sure your wisdom teeth are aligned properly and they are not a risk to your oral health.

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Emergency wisdom teeth removal

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Brisbane

If the extraction of the wisdom teeth is required for you, you are not alone. As mentioned above, the benefits of wisdom teeth extraction are considerable. A large number of people require this surgery to maintain their oral health. Wisdom tooth extraction is a common procedure for a good dentist who is fully equipped for this type of procedure.

How Much Does Wisdom Teeth Extraction Cost?

Our fees in Pure Dentistry are very reasonable in this area. The cost of extraction depends on several factors including the position of the wisdom teeth and the required process to extract them. The dentist will need to do an oral examination and review your x-ray before they can provide you with an accurate cost estimate. The level of cover by each insurance company is different and our reception will help you to obtain the maximum insurance cover for your wisdom teeth extraction.

Are you Stressed Out about your Wisdom Teeth Surgery?

If you are a bit nervous about this treatment make sure you notify our dentist and nurse about this. They make sure you are as comfortable as possible and they will take special care of you. Also if you are planning the extraction of all 4 wisdom teeth, consider if you would prefer to extract all 4 at once or you would prefer to extract them in multiple appointments.

Brisbane Dentist – Pure Dentistry is in the upper mt Gravatt Shopping Village, a local shopping centre with Coles and other nice small shops and easy under cover 3-hour free car park. The Village shopping centre is on 1932 Logan Rd and many locals prefer the village shopping centre to Westfield Garden city because it has an easy get-in get-out making it very suitable for people who don’t want to spend a long time finding a secure car park.

If you are looking for a dentist outside Brisbane CBD you can definitely consider dentists in the upper mt Gravatt area. It is just 20 min drive from Brisbane CBD if you avoid peak hour.

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Impacted third molar extraction

Have you had a tooth extraction in our upper mt Gravatt dental clinic? Here is what to do after the extraction of your tooth:

Bit Down on the Gauze

We will provide you with a gauze pad that you should bite on. Biting on the gauze that we send you out will help the blood to clot, the bleeding to stop and consequently the healing process to start.

Wait 30 minutes for the blood clot to form. If oozing has not stopped use the second gauze pad and wait for the clot. For the next three (3) days try to protect this clot.

No Physical Activities

For the first 24 hours refrain from strenuous physical activities like going to the gym.

No Smoking Post Extraction

Avoid smoking. Do not expectorate and try to protect the clot formed after tooth extraction.


If you’d like to drink something use a straw. Our Dentists recommend to drink lots of fluids. Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages after your extraction.

Eating food that have seeds in them and grainy food should be avoided. Avoid eating spicy and hot food on the day of extraction. Try to use soft nutritious food for the first two (2) day like bananas, eggs, pasta and mash potatoes.

Washing – Avoid Swishing!

You should avoid swishing and if you’d like to wash your mouth you should rinse it very gently with warm salt water. Do not wash your mouth vigorously and avoid brushing next to the tooth extraction site.

How to Manage the Pain after Tooth Extraction

If you are experiencing swelling and soreness, it is generally normal. In the first two (2) days you can use an icebag to control the swelling. If your dentist has prescribed pain management, use it as per the dentist instructions. The same goes if your dentist has prescribed antibiotics. Continue taking your antibiotics for the prescribed length even if you feel that all the infection signs have disappeared.

Still have heavy bleeding?

If the tooth extraction site is continuing to bleed after 24 hours or you are still experiencing swelling after 2-3 days call our dentist on 33483 4869.

Flying after Teeth Extraction

If you have had a tooth extraction it is recommended to rest 24 Hours. Consult with your dentist after your surgery to see if it is safe to fly. If your dentist advises that it is safe to fly on the same day as the tooth extraction, try to select an aisle seat with easy access to the lavatory for change of gauze.

Take some sterile gauze with you because bleeding may continue. To control the bleeding keep biting on the gauze with a bit of pressure. Icing your face is good and it can control the swelling.

If you should fly a day after the extraction, take some salt with you and put it into a water bottle and rinse every couple of hours. Some air lines have specific regulations about flying after certain dental procedures like extraction, root canal or dental implants.

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