Frequently Asked Dentistry Questions

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Do you do X rays?

Yes. Pure Dentistry uses digital dental X-rays that provide perfect accuracy, patient protection and reliable diagnosis.

What kind of fillings are available?

Our Dentists use white fillings such as composite and porcelain.

How good is the dentist with nervous patients?

Our Dentists are gentle and caring and they make sure your experience is as pain-free and relaxed as possible.

Is the dentist good with children?

Dr. Ellie enjoys working with children and makes sure they have an enjoyable experience. Learn more about a good child dentist and how you can lessen your child’s dental anxiety.

When is your south of Brisbane dental clinic open?

Our dental clinic near and south of the Brisbane CBD is open on 7 days a week including Easter, Christmas, New Year, and Public holidays. It is staffed by qualified, experienced Brisbane dentists and support staff during public holidays.