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Dr Soha Sharif

Experienced Kids Dentist in Brisbane

Dr Soha provides sleep dentistry for children in Brisbane. Dr Soha is a child-focused dentist. She employs specialised paediatric behaviour management techniques to ensure the dental treatment of children is performed in an environment that is calm and non-threatening. Dr Soha, above all, cares for the children she sees. Her supporting staff understand the use of contemporary materials and sterilisation protocols and are pioneering advanced instrumentations to ensure they give your children a healthy smile for the rest of their life. Ask Dr Soha about using medical gas (happy gas) for controlling dental anxiety in children.

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Baby teeth is our specialty. We provide high quality dental care for children’s teeth in Brisbane.

Ask us about paediatric dentistry and sleep dentistry for children.

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How to Lessen Anxiety of my Child in Dental Treatment

DO NOT Relay your Anxiety to your Child

Children are sensitive to their environment and they’re very good at picking up on adults’ apprehension.
So, on your child’s trip to the dentist:

  • Maintain a Positive Attitude
  • Encourage ‘Brave Behavior’
  • Do not Sensitise them. ‘Act as Usual.’
  • Do not make the appointment a ‘Special Event’
  • Do not Make Visiting a Dentist Look Like a Punishment

Unless the visit is an emergency, take the time to feed your child to avoid hunger meltdowns.

Be a ‘Brave Model’ for Children

Children tend to imitate their parents.
If you find your child visibly nervous, you can bring them in to watch your dental visit first. This can help demystify the process and make it predictable and less stressful for them.
You can also:

  • Dress them comfortably
  • Bring a comfort object (Favorited Toy or Blanket)
  • Ask older siblings to stay in the waiting area
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Create Child-Friendly Environment

Avoid the use of alarming questions like “Does it hurt?” or words like ‘drill’ and ‘needle’.

For young children, use gentle, non-scary language, appropriate to the child’s comprehension level.

Depending on their age, you may use child-friendly language:
Probe: Tooth counter
Gauze: Tooth pillow
Drill: Tooth sweeper
Cavity: Sugar bugs
Injection: Mozzie bite
Anesthetic: Sleepy juice
Syringe: Sleepy juice Spray
Numb: In sleep
Xray: Camera
Suction: Mr thirsty

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If Your Child is Anxious about Dental Treatment

Provide them with positive reinforcement:

  • Stay Calm Yourself
  • Be a ‘Passive Observer’
  • Allow the Dentist to Capture your Child’s Full Attention

The dentist will talk about the fact that their mouth will feel so much better once the problem is fixed.

It is stressful for a child if several adults give directions at the same time.
Please stay calm and passive during the treatment.

To make your child feel comfortable, and give them some control, the dentist may allow your child to explore dental instruments.

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Passive Parental Presence during your Child's Paediatric Dental Appointment

Children may fuss during a dental visit but you may be surprised how accepting they can be.

Parents can accompany children in the treatment room however, some children do better when parents stay passive during the treatment.

According to studies, children sense and absorb parents’ anxiety which affects their ability to tolerate treatment.  Passive parental presence does not make a child’s behaviour worse. However, direct communication between parent and child during treatment may create anxiety for the child.

Referral for Kids Extractions under General Anaesthesia

Young uncooperative children with multiple teeth of poor prognosis may require referral for tooth extractions under general anaesthesia by Pure Dentistry dentists in a local Brisbane Hospital. Once this decision has been made, treatment will be carefully planned by our kids-specific dentists in Brisbane. Also, ask us about using SuperCare to pay for dental work using your ATO super fund.


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Child-friendly dentists in Brisbane

Children's Dentistry or Kids Dentist Brisbane

Our paediatric dentist offers baby teeth and gum care for infants and toddlers. Oral health has many benefits and these benefits begin from an early age. Get an early start on your child’s lifetime of healthy smiles by taking good care of their oral health. healthy and caries free teeth in infants and toddlers reduced the risk of caries in permanent teeth later in life.

As toddlers learn to walk they will fall down and bump their teeth many times. most of these falls are small scratches and harmless. However some of the trauma sustained to teeth can cause pain and infection and potentially damage the permanent tooth. With regular check ups for your toddler these problems can be identified quickly and the right treatment can be provided by your Childs paediatric dentist.


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Frequently Asked Questions for Kids Dental

How many teeth can erupt in babies?

20 baby teeth are already present in the jaw at birth. They usually start to come through the gums around 4 to 6 months of age.


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20 baby teeth are already present in the jaw at birth. They usually start to come through the gums around 4 to 6 months of age

Do toddlers really need dentist?

Yes, toddlers really need to see a dentist because if they don’t they would be at the risk of these common conditions:

  • Early childhood caries can cause pain and infection which may lead to early loss of teeth
  • develop incorrect oral hygiene habits

The mindset and dental health knowledge of parents or caregivers is a predictors of a child’s dental health. Consulting with a kids dentist Brisbane or a paediatric dentist provides anticipatory guidance regarding feeding habits and oral hygiene. This knowledge also prepares parents on what to do in the event of trauma to the baby teeth.

What age should a child go to the dentist for the first time?

You should start your child’s paediatric dental care from an early age. Early age for baby teeth means by age of one or within the first six months after the first baby tooth erupts. In the first visit to the kids dentist, your child’s dental health record is put together. Your child’s health record is updated every 6 months and forms a basis for the kids dentist to detect abnormalities in the growth and development of the child’s teeth and jaws from an early age.

The kids dentist uses your child’s dental health records, to assess the progression rate of caries in baby teeth. In the subsequent dental visits, the kids dentist re-assesses your child’s dental health records and will make regular updates to these records.

Based on the dental health records, the kids dentist makes adjustments to your child’s oral hygiene care and diet and can help the parents prevent new caries from forming or arrest the initial caries that have already formed in the child’s teeth.

How much does a child dentist visit cost?

Use Medicare to Bulk Bill Kids Dental

The following dental services are bulk billed for children aged between 2 and 17 years if they have enough balance under their Medicare Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS).  dental services bulk billed for children include:

  • dental X-ray, exam and clean
  • fissure sealing
  • fillings
  • root canals
  • extractions
  • partial dentures.

Sign in to your myGov account and  Check your Medicare Online Account Here.

Medicare CDBS does not cover:

  • orthodontic and dental braces
  • cosmetic dental work
  • dental services provided in the hospital including sleep dentistry for children

Using Your Superfund

You can use SuperCare to pay for kids dental. This is a popular option when using sleep dentistry for children which our dentist provides in a private hospital using a specialist paediatric anaesthetist.

Private Health Funds

Private health funds with dental cover (Extras) cover a percentage of dental fees up to a certain limit and you can pay the gap.

Payment plans for Kids Dental

You can also use our payment plans for kids dental including AfterPay, humm or OpenPay.

Standard Dental Examination Fee for Children

Alternatively, if you are not using any of the payment options above, please call us for the examination and consultation fee which is currently around $60.

Do I have to pay for child's dentist?

No, you do not need to pay for a child dentist if your child has enough balance under Medicare CDBS. Check this link to see what’s not covered under Medicare child dental services

How can I help my child see a dentist?

Do not make visiting the dentist a special event for your child. Do not talk about it all the time. Take your child to the dentist like it is very normal. Watching Peppa Pig Goes to the Dentist can help them become familiar with the dentist. Avoid saying things like “be brave”, “it won’t hurt”, “there are no needles” as they can alarm your child.

What age should a child go to the dentist for the first time Australia?

It is best for your child to see a dentist by the age of 6 months or within 6 months after the first baby tooth erupts. This visit will help the child to become familiar with the dentist, establish a dental home and provide the opportunity for the dentist to give parents anticipatory guidance on eruption pattern of baby teeth, feeding habits, oral hygiene and what to do in case of trauma which is very common in toddlers and young children. Children with special health care needs and medical conditions may need more frequent dental visits.

What is a dentist for a child called?

A paediatric dentist is a dentist who has had an extra three years of additional training to provide dental treatment specific to children. Paediatric dentists provide services including general dentistry, minor oral surgery, emergency dentistry for children and dental care for children with special needs. They provide sedation options including sleep dentistry for children, general anaesthesia, happy gas, etc. Paediatric dentists are trained to manage children who have challenging behaviours including children with global developmental delay, children with autism, AHDH, down syndrome and children with cerebral palsy.

When should the first dental visit be?

Majority of kids in Brisbane make their first dental visit before the age of 5, however, in pediatric dentistry, the first visit should happen in an early age. i.e. at the age of one or within six month after the first baby tooth comes through the gum.

How do I choose a paediatric dentist?

A paediatric dentist should be kind, patient and gentle towards children. They should have the right environment for kids. A child should feel relaxed and comfortable in a paediatric dentist office. There should be simple distractions in the office for children including TV, kids shows and other entertainment. A kids dentist should have the right facility to be able to offer pain-free dental treatments for children.

Can a 2 year old go to the dentist?

Yes. Visiting a paediatric dentist is recommended from when the first baby tooth erupts. A paediatric dentist is trained to examine your toddler’s teeth and provide advice and treatment if required.

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