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Dr Sari Simawy Dentist Brisbane.

Dr. Sari Simawy

Dentist in Brisbane

Brisbane dentist Dr Sari provides:

  1. Emergency dental services
  2. Teeth extractions
  3. Crown and Bridges
  4. Root Canal Treatment

Meet Dr Sari Simawy: Your Compassionate and Skilled Dentist in Brisbane’

“With compassion and care, I try to find common ground and explain things as simple as possible. I’m a big fan of patients feeling comfortable and in control of their dental health.”

At Pure Dentistry, we proudly introduce our skilled and highly personable dentist, Dr Sari Simawy. Graduating with a Bachelor of Dental Science (Honours) from the prestigious University of Queensland in 2020, Dr Simawy joined our team in May 2022 and has quickly become a valuable asset to our clinic.

One of Dr Sari’s most exceptional qualities is his ability to communicate effectively with patients. He understands that dental visits can sometimes be daunting, so he takes the time to ensure every patient feels comfortable and informed throughout their treatment process.

At Pure Dentistry, we are confident that your experience with Dr Sari Simawy will be pleasant and rewarding. His combination of expertise, warmth and exceptional communication skills ensures that our patients receive top-quality dental care in a supportive and friendly environment. We invite you to book an appointment with Dr Simawy today and experience the difference of a truly compassionate dental professional.

Dr Sari can help you with various dental needs, from simple check-ups and fillings to complex treatments such as root canals and ceramic restorations.

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Child-friendly dentist Brisbane

Dr Soha Sharif

Experienced Child Dentist in Brisbane

Child Dentist Brisbane

Dr Soha is an experienced kids dentist in Brisbane and a member of the Australian and New Zealand Society of Paediatric Dentistry. Soha has 11 years of experience in dentistry and 3 years of post-graduate training in dental treatments specific to children. She provides high-quality dental care dedicated to infants, preschoolers & teenagers up to the age of 14 Years old. The range of treatments offered by Dr Soha is focused on the growth and development of children’s teeth, preventing decay and addressing emerging problems.

With special interests in:

Ask Dr Soha if dental treatment using Happy Gas is suitable for the following:

  • Dental work for apprehensive, anxious, fearful or uncooperative children
  • Dental examination of a child with previous negative experience
  • Dental examination of pre-schoolers
  • Examination in special children
  • To control gagging and gag reflex in children

Dr Soha provides treatment in a dental chair or under General Anesthetics in a hospital when complex or extensive child-specific dental care is required. She is committed to providing comprehensive, quality dental treatment in a child-friendly environment. Most children will only require a caring approach and a gentle introduction to dental treatment to cope with the treatment. “It is truly a great feeling of satisfaction to be able to make a positive impact on the health and lives of your children.” Dr Soha believes. For the few children who require extensive dental treatment or have severe dental anxiety problems, medical gas inhalation or general anaesthetic facilities may be the most suitable option. Dr Soha is a dentist who can also speak Persian Farsi.

Book an appointment today. No referral is required. Click here to book a dental appointment with Dr Soha Sharif.

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Dental Hygienist in Brisbane

Steve Ahn

Oral Health Therapist

Steve Ahn – Oral Health Therapist

With over 14 years of experience in the field of oral health therapy, Steve Ahn is a dedicated professional who graduated from the renowned University of Otago in 2010. Steve’s commitment to continual learning saw him achieve an additional qualification – the Adult Restorative Scope from the University of Sydney, empowering him to perform advanced diagnostic and restorative work.

Steve firmly believes in the importance of patient education. He ensures every individual understands:

  1. The root cause of their dental issues.
  2. The necessity and rationale behind the proposed treatments.
  3. The best practices and products to maintain optimal oral hygiene.

His experience is not just limited to clinical practice. Steve has contributed to the academic world as a research assistant at the University of Melbourne, participating in studies focusing on the relationship between parents’ oral health and their children’s well-being and the intriguing correlation between kids’ oral health and the condition of their nails.

Beyond his regular duties, Steve has displayed a commitment to community service. He has worked in regional and rural public dental clinics, primarily attending to children’s needs. Furthermore, he has actively participated in dental screenings at daycares and immunisation sessions, promoting oral health services to young parents.

Outside the clinic, Steve is a father to two wonderful sons and has a passion for staying active. Whether he’s hitting the golf course, playing squash or tennis, or embarking on a cycling journey, Steve’s energy knows no bounds.

When Steve treats you, you’re in the hands of not just an adept professional but also a genuine individual who cares deeply about the oral health and overall well-being of his patients.


Dr Nikita Verma Female Dentist Brisbane

Dr. Nikita Verma

Experienced Dentist in Brisbane

As an adept and passionate dentist, Dr. Nikita Verma has helped many patients achieve their oral health goals. Having worked in multiple dental practices in Auckland, she has exemplary experience in all phases of dentistry and strives to provide patients with the best treatment possible.

She believes that her goal is to help patients improve their oral health and achieve a beautiful smile. “When people ask me why I enjoy being a dentist, I tell them I enjoy building relationships with my patients and caring for them as a whole person, not just their teeth,” says Dr Nikita Verma as she looks forward to caring for all your dental needs.

Her views on being a dentist…

Dr Nikita is passionate about dentistry and believes teeth have feelings, too. Hence, she chose dental sciences as a career. A dentist with a positive attitude, a sense of humour, and a genuine desire to know her patients, she advocates offering honest, quality dental care in a comfortable, welcoming, and modern environment as a crucial part of her practice. As part of her commitment to oral wellness, she enjoys learning and preaching her knowledge and is enthusiastic about bringing a healthy and proud smile to her patients, family, and friends’ faces.

She is experienced in cosmetic dentistry, oral surgeries, root canals, Invisalign, Clear Correct, and the list goes on..

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Implant Dentist in Brisbane Dr Raghed Bashour

Dr. Raghed Bashour

Experienced Cosmetic Dentist and Surgeon

“I find many small things add to a great sum, making Dentistry unique and enjoyable. Dentistry is becoming more and more fascinating as digital technologies and equipment revolution give us new tools and innovations. These new aspects of dentistry allow us to create amazing aesthetics and functional, long-lasting results. It is truly becoming an art discipline.”

Dr Raghed Bashour brings a wealth of knowledge, professionalism, experience, and skills to anyone wanting to improve their smile. Raghed previously worked at Liberty Dental Clinic in Dubai, awarded the Best Dental Clinic in the UAE according to “GV Pedia”, the official publisher for “The Best in the World”, and accredited by the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS).

It’s the eyes and the smile that speak to us,” says Dr Bashour. “When we smile, they both light up, and that’s why I enjoy doing a smile and mouth rehabilitation using modern technology like Digital Smile Design, lasers, 3D x-rays, and digital scans. These treatments can be done with veneers, crowns or implants to restore the function and aesthetic appearance of the teeth,” he says

Growing up in Dubai, Raghed graduated as a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) in 2010 and continued taking educational courses in many fields, especially Dental Implants, Aesthetic Dentistry and Laser Dentistry. He completed his implant training with the American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID) in 2013 and continued the Academy examinations to become an Associate Fellow in 2016.

Dr Bashour utilises a range of technology in Dentistry, including CAD/CAM CEREC (same-day crowns), dental lasers, Digital Smile Design and digital implant planning. Raghed has completed over 1,500 veneer cases during his 7 years at Liberty Dental Clinic for patients who previously would travel worldwide to seek treatment.

Dr Bashour has extensive experience and a passion for laser dentistry and has delivered lectures in both Laser and Aesthetic Dentistry in Dubai.

Dentistry has the ability to change someone’s life, and helping to achieve these results with his patients is something Dr Bashour enjoys most. The journey also allows for building professional relationships, and Dr Bashour thoroughly enjoys getting to know his patients.

After several visits to Australia, Raghed visited Queensland in 2018 and loved it. In 2020, he decided to move to Brisbane with his family and joined our team.  When he is not working, Raghed enjoys the weekends going scuba diving with friends and discovering new restaurants with his wife; he also likes to spend a lot of time with his kids on the beach or simply staying home watching Netflix.

Dr Bashour is fluent in both English and Arabic. If you are looking for an Arabic-speaking dentist, please ensure you let our reception team know so we can help schedule your dental appointment appropriately.

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