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Welcome to Pure Dentistry all about Braces in Brisbane. At Pure Dentistry, a dental clinic in upper mount Gravatt shopping Village, we appreciate what a significant difference in self-esteem a beautiful smile can make.

Our Orthodontics dentist offers braces for adults and seniors as part of her top-notch services. She is dedicated and passionate about giving her patients the beautiful smile they deserve. She believes in using the best and latest technology.

Our clinicians are AHPRA-registered Brisbane dentists. They are general dentists and specialists who have received specialised training in teeth straightening and orthodontic treatment.

Pure Dentistry is a dental clinic near Westfield Garden City Shopping Centre but it is located outside Westfield Garden City in a local shopping centre called the Village Shopping Centre next to Coles on 1932 Logan road, upper mount Gravatt. Our service area includes Holland Park, Wishart, Eight Mile Plains 4113, Mansfield 4122 and MacGregor 4109 and other suburbs.

Adult Braces and orthodontic treatment

It is never too late to straighten up with braces for adults. Teeth straightening is not specific to kids. With orthodontic treatment, even seniors can enjoy the benefits of having healthy straight teeth.

What are Dental Braces?

Braces mainly consist of a system of wires and bands that apply constant pressure to teeth and drive them to the desired position. The pressure is applied over a period that ranges from one (1) to three (3) years. Gapped teeth and crowded teeth can be treated with braces. Your dentist may also use braces to correct underbites and overbites or use braces to align the jaws.

Metal braces have been traditionally used by orthodontists in teeth straightening. It is still the most popular orthodontic treatment because many dentists believe that it is still the most cost-effective option.  With the metal brace option, your dentist bonds metal brackets to your teeth. Wires are attached to the metal brackets and are tightened regularly. The produced pressure, guides and shifts your teeth into the desired correct place. On average this shifting process takes about two (2) years.

What is a retainer?

After removal of the braces, our patients often wear a retainer. A dental retainer is simply a wire that sits over your teeth.

How should I use and care for my retainer?

Treat your retainers with the care they are not unbreakable but with some care, they last for years. Clean your retainers daily using lukewarm water, toothpaste and brush. You should wear your retainers until the dentist instructs you otherwise. When eating or swimming take your retainers out and always keep them in the retainer case.

Keep your retainers from high-temperature sources like hot tap water or hot car dashboard.

Always bring your retainers with you to your appointment.

How to adjust retainers?

Ask your dentist to adjust your retainers. Never adjust your retainers yourself.

Benefits of straight teeth and braces for adults:

Adults get braces because they want a straighter smile. Other reasons include:

  • Better Hygiene: Straight teeth get fewer cavities as it is much easier to clean straight teeth.
  • Confidence: when your teeth are healthy and straight, you will smile confidently both at home and at work.

Are people with straight healthy teeth perceived as more successful?

Healthier gums with straight teeth

For a new dental implant, dental crown or a dental bridge, sometimes the position of the surrounding teeth need to change and this shift can be accomplished using dental braces.

Treatment of some issues with the digestive system

Individuals with very bad bites (mouthful of crooked teeth), will have difficulties with proper chewing of their food. In serious cases, this leads to digestive problems. With a properly aligned jaw and bite, food is chewed properly before it enters your digestive system.

Teeth grinding treatment

With straight teeth, the jaw will be properly aligned and a properly-aligned jaw can eliminate bruxism (habit of clenching, gnashing or grinding).

Treatment of painful or loud clicks in the jaw

Ask our dentist if it can be treated with teeth straightening. Bite problems can cause pain in the jaw. In some cases, bite irregularities and jaw pain can be treated with braces.

Wondering how to find Pure Dentistry for Braces consultation?

Check our website or call us about the dental services offered or the price range of services in our dental clinic.

Considering my age, am I a good candidate for braces?

Braces are an option for adults of any age. In your appointment, the dentist will evaluate if the option of braces would be suitable for your teeth.

If you have healthy bones and gums, then it is not too late to change your tooth alignment at any age.

Some patients may also require periodontal treatment before or after their orthodontic treatment.

Are braces painful?

These days, compared to the past, braces are much more comfortable. New features include more comfortable, flatter and smaller appliances. For some teens, the brace is a part of growing up.

Adult orthodontics VS Teens orthodontics

These are different types of treatments. The jawbones in adults are developed whereas for teenagers, they are still developing. For some adults, orthognathic surgery is required to align the jawbones.

Some say teeth straightening makes my teeth loose. Is it true?

It is temporary and normal and is related to how braces work. Patients wearing braces may feel that their teeth feel a bit loose during treatment. This is because the teeth are moving and this feeling will eventually go away when your teeth are done moving.

Does my health fund cover the cost of Braces?

If you are with Medibank, BUPA, AHM, NIB, HCF or any other health fund with dental cover, depending on the policy that you are on, the level of coverage varies. Because every health insurance policy is different, our receptionist can help you find the covered amount by your health fund.

Cost of Braces, how much do braces cost in Pure Dentistry?

Each person is unique and the cost of braces varies from case to case. The dentist will discuss the cost of your consultation for braces.

Are you wondering if you need braces? Contact our dentists in Brisbane for teeth straightening consultation and learn more about how braces can enhance your smile.

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