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Pure Dentistry in Upper Mount Gravatt QLD 4122 is equipped to provide emergency dental care for the residents of Southside Brisbane including Calamvale area and its neighbouring suburbs Stretton and Drewvale QLD 4116.

Our practice is usually open afterhours. If you are in pain or you have a broken tooth please phone our on-call dentist on 07 3343 4869. We tend to answer all calls even in public holidays. Call Pure Dentistry to enquire if the clinic is open today and which dentist is available near your area now.

To put a healthy smile back on your face, our on-call doctors are usually available until late night and the clinic is open for urgent cases On Saturdays and Sundays. Wisdom teeth removal is available in weekends. You can also book your appointment online 24/7 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

You can always ask our receptionist to provide you a rough estimate of costs for your root canal or tooth extraction but in general you should consult the provider and ask for the price of the procedure before you start the treatment.

As a rough estimate, a root canal treatment that includes standard item numbers 415, 417, 419 and 521 can cost $900 to $1200 for a case that involves one (1) canal and a one (1) surface filling for a front tooth. This amount changes depending on the tooth location, amount of filling required and your health fund cover.

Payment Plan for Emergency Treatments

In case of a dental emergency, people in QLD 4116 area have a quick access to Pure Dentistry in Upper mount Gravatt. The driving distance from Calamvale Marketplace to our dental clinic is about 10km around 20min. It is only a 19 minutes’ drive from Stretton State College to Pure Dentistry in the Village Shopping Centre.

All people in Drewvale, Brisbane deserve a healthy smile. At Pure Dentistry we provide Medicare bulk billing dental services for eligible children from age 2 to 17. Under this scheme free dental care is provided to eligible children. To check the eligibility of your child provide your Medicare number to our receptionist and ask her to check it from Medicare website online.

We have an arrangement with DENTICARE for treatments above $500. So, should your treatment cost more than $500, ask our friendly staff to check if your treatment is eligible for a payment plan.

24/7 online booking is available through our website. You can use this system to find a dentist that best suits your requirements and select an appointment that suits your situation e.g. Saturday, Sunday, weekends or even in public holidays should you require urgent care. Some of our doctors have special interest in difficult wisdom teeth extractions so it is always ok to ask our receptionist who they recommend for a particular treatment.

Dental Trauma Management for Stretton and Calamvale Area

It is always great to plan for difficult situations. If you live in Southside suburbs of Brisbane like Calamvale, Stretton or Drewvale QLD 4116, and especially if you have kids, then it would be a good idea to save our number into your phone as an emergency dentist Dr. Ellie (07) 3343 4869.

Based on our historical records and clinical observations, majority of the dental trauma has been caused by:

  • Playing or Falling     71%
  • Hard Food               19%
  • Fights                      8%
  • Work Injuries            2%

These incidents don’t just happen in the normal business hours, chance of a dental trauma accident in weekends can be higher than normal work days perhaps because people tend to do more sport activities in their leisure time. Majority of our patients that have been involved in a dental trauma have less than 17 years of age. One of the factors affecting this statistics can be that parents take dental trauma serious and when it happens to their children, they take immediate action to consult a dentist before it is too late.  Young people also tend to run and move faster than adults increasing their risk of being involved in a dental injury.

Because children are more likely to be involved in a dental trauma, following these guidelines can help prevent injuries:

  • Do not run around swimming pools and use stairs when getting out of the pool
  • Teach children not to jump off a swing when the swing is in motion
  • Use mouth guards and helmets when playing contact sports

Management of a Knocked-Out Tooth

Call us immediately on (07) 3343 4869 and ask the receptionist to advice the dentist that this is a dental emergency and your child has been involved in a dental trauma to his or her permanent teeth and you’d like to speak to the dentist. If the doctor is not available, the receptionist will provide you first aid instructions below until you get to our clinic. Following these instructions can prevent future complications and costly treatments.

  • Find the broken tooth. Avoid touching the root (yellow side).
  • Rinse it shortly using cold tap water
  • Re-plant the tooth by holding its crown (white side).
  • Hold it in position by biting on a handkerchief
  • Call us on (07) 3343 4869 to make an emergency appointment


  1. If you cannot put the tooth back in, put it in a cup of milk or saline and if they are not available keep your tooth in your mouth between the cheeks and gums. Be careful not to swallow the tooth!
  2. Make sure you make an emergency appointment, this way you can be sure that the room is as ready as possible for the required procedures when you arrive.
  3. Following these instructions does not guarantee that the tooth can be preserved but it increases your chance of having it restored by our dentist.


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