Brisbane Dentist Explains Unexplained Toothache

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Pain with Dental Origin

My dentist couldn’t find anything wrong with my tooth but I still experience toothache. You are not alone. Dr. Ellie Nadian in Mt Gravatt Brisbane often gets patients with an exact similar problem like yours.

Your doctor is not lying to you he or she has examined your teeth, gum and mouth and checked your x-ray and did not find any problems. But it does not mean that nothing is wrong. The pain is still there and you can feel it even though the cause is not found yet.

The origin of this unexplained and bizarre symptom can be dental or non-dental.

The real culprit can be infraction. In this scenario, there is a crack in the tooth but the parts are still together. The parts are not separated and there is no decay. When the doctor was checking your x-ray, his or her eyes were searching for decay but in your case, there are no caries. Perhaps your pain is caused by a thin almost invisible fracture.

When you bite down on that cracked tooth, you may experience a nasty surge of pain. This is because your dentine spreads along that crack line. Some people experience this phenomenon as hypersensitivity. Others may experience it as constant pain.

dental decay process

The unexplained toothache in this scenario involves a virgin tooth that has no cavities and it is difficult for a doctor to believe that anything is wrong with your tooth.

Brisbane dentist Dr Ellie in Upper Mt Gravatt clinic can save your cracked tooth with a dental crown if the fracture has not extended into the pulp of your teeth. when a crack finds its way into the pulp, bacteria infect the nerve and the case becomes more complex and at this point, it may or may not be possible to save the tooth when the fractured cusp is removed.

One option is to use a dental crown to contain the crack and prevent further extension of it. This solution may work for many years but if the line extends to the root it can cause an infection in the periodontal ligament and consequently cause pain again.

To test the extension of the crack line in your tooth, Dr. Ellie may put a wet cotton roll in your mouth and ask you to bite down on it. If the presence of infection is evident, unfortunately, your natural tooth cannot be saved beyond this point.

simple and complex cracks in tooth

In summary, signs for diagnosis of a fractured tooth may include:

  • No sign of decay in your x-rays (an X-ray more accurate than an OPG)
  • Pain when chewing food
  • Pain when cold air is applied to your tooth
  • Pain when sugar leaks into the fracture line

Diagnosis of a cracked tooth can be a frustration for both the patient and some inexperienced doctors.

Pain with Non-Dental Origin

Going back to the original topic of this article, the source of an unexplained toothache can be non-dental.

In this scenario, a patient experiences an unexplained toothache and finds a dentist in Brisbane to address this pain. The patient consults several doctors and specialists and they advise him or her that there is no dental problem they can see. So, what is the cause of this persistent pain then?

In this scenario, your oral health is OK or you have completed required dental treatments and the pain still persists. Your pain also does not go away with dental anaesthetics. Your teeth have been positively found healthy, then the next step is to find the origin of this non-dental pain.

Symptoms that indicate pain origin may not be dental are:

  • You feel the pain in several teeth
  • You feel that the pain moves
  • A tingling pain
  • A burning pain
  • No change in pain intensity
  • Intermittent pain without any provocation

In this situation, it is recommended to consult with an orofacial pain dentist near you.