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On-Call Emergency Dentist near Carindale (07) 3343 4869

(After-Hours, Public Holidays, Weekends and Late Nights)

Carindale Dentists with Extended Hours

Pure Dentistry provides after-hours dental emergency services 7 days a week (our clinic is open at late night on Saturday and is also open on Sundays with appointments for people who need urgent dental care).

Please call (07) 3343 4869 to make a booking. Our dental clinic is in Brisbane South Side inside Upper Mt Gravatt Village Shopping Centre on 1932 Logan Rd, Upper Mt Gravatt QLD 4122. Free Parking is available in the Shopping Village.

If you live near Carindale in Brisbane and you find yourself with a toothache, broken braces, chipped tooth or some other malady, you are most likely thinking and asking “Where to find a dentist open right now near me”?

Sunday is not the easiest day to find an emergency dental clinic but Pure Dentistry is only 10 minutes drive from Westfield Carindale. We may accept walk-in emergency dental if appointments are available but it is essential to call us in advance and book your appointment for weekends and after hours.

Dental Care near Carindale 4152

Our dentists can restore broken teeth, treat tooth abscesses, pain management, restore damaged teeth or extract and replace teeth. Pain is a signal for an emergency dental visit. You can call us on 07 3343 4869 or book an appointment online 24/7 directly from our website.

Carindale Affordable Dentists

We provide payment plans for dental treatments. Interest-Free Payment Plans are available for treatments above $100 (Subject to change. Terms and Conditions apply). Please call our front desk on 07 3343 4869 to find out and learn more about our treatment plan options.

Carindale Child-Friendly Dentists

If you are concerned about dental anxiety management for your children, make sure you find a child-friendly dentist. A child-friendly dentist understands children better. Ask our receptionist which dentist is better for kids and try to book your child with that dentist. It is best to familiarise your child with your dentist before they need treatment. It would be much easier for a child to accept treatment from a paediatric dentist if he or she knows the paediatric dentist and has had no bad experience. If the child is not cooperative, we may need to refer your child to a Brisbane kids dental specialist. We will help you find the right specialist.

Happy Gas Dentist Near Carindale

Pure Dentistry provides happy gas for patients with mild levels of anxiety. Happy gas is a safe medical gas that provides conscious sedation and quick recovery. Our Kid’s dentists provide happy gas for the dental treatment of children, and our Brisbane dentists provide happy gas for adults.


IV Sedation Dentists Near Carindale

Twilight sedation, or IV sedation, is a type of dental sedation that helps patients feel relaxed and comfortable during dental procedures. The patient is conscious and can respond to instructions but may not remember the procedure due to the amnesic effect of the sedatives. It is often used for procedures such as wisdom teeth removal, dental implants, or for patients with severe dental anxiety.

Sleep Dentistry Near Carindale

Sleep dentistry puts the patient in a deep sleep. so the dental treatment can be done while the patient is asleep. Sleep Dentistry can benefit patients with special needs, severe anxiety or patients with certain medical conditions.

  • Parkinson’s Disease: This condition can cause tremors and uncontrolled movements that make it difficult for patients to stay still during dental procedures.
  • Cerebral Palsy: Similar to Parkinson’s, cerebral palsy can cause muscle spasms or involuntary movements that can interfere with dental procedures.
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder: Some individuals with autism may have difficulty with sensory processing, including discomfort with the sounds, tastes, and sensations associated with dental procedures. They may also have difficulty staying still for extended periods.
  • Down Syndrome: Individuals with Down syndrome may have certain physical characteristics, such as a smaller oral cavity or larger tongue, that can make dental procedures more challenging. They may also have difficulty understanding and cooperating during dental procedures.
  • Alzheimer’s Disease/Dementia: Patients with cognitive impairments may not understand the need for dental procedures and may become agitated or distressed.
  • Severe Anxiety Disorders: While not a physical condition, severe anxiety disorders, including dental phobia, can make dental visits extremely stressful. In these cases, general anesthesia may be considered to help the patient relax and ensure the procedure can be performed safely.
  • Developmental Disorders: Other developmental disorders, such as ADHD, can make it difficult for patients to sit still for the duration of a dental procedure.
  • Epilepsy: For patients with epilepsy, the stress of a dental procedure could potentially trigger a seizure. Using general anesthesia can help manage this risk.
  • Certain Genetic Disorders: Certain genetic disorders, such as Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, can affect the body’s connective tissue and may require special considerations during dental procedures.
  • Severe Gag Reflex: While not a disease, a severe gag reflex can make dental procedures difficult and uncomfortable. General anesthesia can help manage this issue.

Carindale Emergency Dentist

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Our dental emergency services cover Brisbane residents in the suburbs near Carindale 4152. We offer treatments on any day or late at night.

We can help you with untreated tooth decays that result in pain, long-lasting decays that have reached your nerves, extractions, injuries from contact sports, hard food, etc.

We provide quality emergency dental care to Brisbane South Side with bulk billing services available to eligible patients.


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