Dental Care During Corona Virus Pandemic

Infection Control in Dental Clinics

Infection is a disease caused by microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria. They can multiply inside the human body and when their number reaches a certain level, they cause disease symptoms. Infection in the mouth requires urgent dental care. see emergency dentist in Brisbane.

emergency Dentist during coronavirus

Disease Prevention Approach in Dental Clinics

Infection control includes all precautions that are taken to limit and prevent the spread of infection. It is an effort to control infection from occurring in both patients and dental care provides. Controlling infection means a reduction in the incidence of disease. The level of infection control would be based on the anticipated dental procedure.

Brisbane Dentists Open During Restrictions

At Pure Dentistry Dentists in Mt Gravatt, infection control is always the prime consideration. We always take a proactive approach when it comes to infection control. As dentists, we aim to improve your dental health and overall well-being. Therefore, we take a serious view of ensuring that you are well-protected at all times from the threat of infection while you are receiving your dental care at our dental practice in Brisbane.

Dental Instrument Sterilization

In the sterilization room, reusable instruments are separated from items for disposal. Single-use terms are used for a single treatment episode and after the treatment, they are disposed of.

Debris is removed from the instruments and reusable instruments are cleaned submerged in an ultrasonic bath. Instruments will be dried, bagged, tagged and autoclaved using steam and pressure. When the process is finished, the results will be validated and recorded. Routine tests are carried out daily and recorded in the logbooks.

We ensure that our clinic’s sterile and clean environment is maintained at all times, such that infection-causing microorganisms have no room to survive.

We have installed additional personal hygiene, disinfecting, cleaning, and sterilization protocols that are closely followed and monitored at all times. Patients and visitors are also requested to follow the steps prescribed for effective hand washing.

Our staff will wipe the clinic surfaces between patients. We also ask patients to hand sanitize when using the iPad to fill out their medical history forms.

As per our standard protocol, needles and related materials have to be disposed of effectively. Even janitors and cleaning persons are aware of the infection control protocols and trained in the proper disposing of hazardous dental waste.

Emergency Dental Appointment Requests

We have adopted an over-the-phone screening process in which we prevent the following from visiting the clinic: Existing or potential COVID-19 patients; high-risk patients, or quarantine candidates. Anyone with coughs, fever and flu-like symptoms are also directed to specific dental care facilities that are equipped to provide care for COVID-19 patients. When necessary, patients with suspected symptoms are sent to the health care facilities that can test for COVID-19.

Through a daily monitoring process, we also make sure that our dental team members are in good health, are free of any infectious symptoms and that they have not been in recent contact with someone who has the virus.

Infection Control and Certified Dental Nurses

All our dentists, Brisbane experienced kids dentists, dental hygienists, dental nurses, and auxiliary staff are sufficiently trained in administering their duties within the stringent parameters of infection control and patient safety according to their job profiles.

Infection can spread and propagate in many different ways. Because of COVID-19, we have taken additional steps to educate and generate awareness amongst the staff team about infections, their types, their mode of transmission and steps to prevent them.

Understanding the significance of hygiene and infection control can prevent the spread of the disease.

Protective Gear (PPE) in Dental Practice

PPE, like face masks, are a must. Gloves act as the primary barrier between the infection and the human body. After each use, they are disposed of safely. Dentists and nurses use masks, gloves, scrubs and protective eyewear.

Brisbane Dentists Open During COVID-19 Pandemic

The ongoing threat of COVID-19 has heightened our vigilance and preparedness in the area of infection control. During COVID-19 Pandemic, Pure Dentistry was open for emergency dental care in Brisbane to people who required urgent dental care due to dental traumas, tooth infection or other dental pain. under level three restrictions we can provide urgent dental care including:

Treatments below were temporarily on hold until coronavirus restrictions are lifted:

The best way to prevent an invisible enemy like COVID-19 from impacting the dental clinic is to put in place stringent infection control protocols and actively follow them while making sure that we clearly and systematically communicate its significance to both the dental staff team as well as the patients.

The guidelines emphasize the importance of cleanliness, disinfecting, sterilization, hand hygiene, and other factors that can help keep the workplace and oneself clean and free from infections.

This will go a long way to limit the possibility of cross-infection between patients or staff members, or spreading the virus from contaminated instruments, equipment or clothing.

  • Quality accredited infection control policy indicates full compliance
  • The decontamination room is separate from the treatment room
  • The disinfection process is automated and automatically validated
  • Instruments are stored in a room separate from the treatment room

Below are some of how we adopt infection control best practices in our clinic:

Dental Clinics and Decontamination of Surfaces

Surfaces are cleaned carefully. Surfaces should be free from dust and visible dirt. Coving between the floors and the walls prevents the accumulation of dust and dirt in corners.

Communication in Dental Clinic

It is not enough to simply provide a system of infection control if we do not supply sufficient guidelines and warnings and make it easy for people to follow these protocols, guiding them along whenever required.

We discuss with our patients the importance of hand hygiene and social distancing and kindly ask them to follow these protocols. Other enhanced protocols include asking patients not to bring their mobile phones into the clinic; not accepting cash notes to avoid the spread of the virus through mobile phones and cash notes; using plastic barriers on the EFTPOS machine, and encouraging patients to use Paywave – hence minimizing any contact with the payment device.

While we understand that following these strict hygiene measures may be rather inconvenient, patients are gently reminded that we all have a role to play to keep the environment safe for everyone. A clean healing and working environment benefits everyone. Let’s all work together to maintain an infection-free dental clinic environment.

For more information on the preventive steps we have taken to protect our patients, you may chat with one of our friendly staff at Pure Dentistry Dentists in Upper Mt Gravett, Brisbane – book online or call (07) 3343 4869.

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