What Is Clear Aligner Therapy?

Clear Aligner Treatment

A clear aligner is a popular part of orthodontic treatment. A clear aligner is used to straighten misaligned or crooked teeth by moving them into a new position by applying gradual forces.

Why Are They Called Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners are custom-made invisible aligners that will fit snugly on your teeth, just like traditional metal braces, to invisibly offer beautiful smiles.

What Is the Difference Between Clear Aligners and Conventional Braces?

Minor Corrections vs Major Corrections

Clear Aligners will sometimes be referred to as invisible braces. Some people tend to choose a treatment process for their misaligned teeth using a clear aligner due to its more subtle appearance.

Your orthodontist determines whether you require minor or major tooth movement to have an amazing smile.

Minor Tooth Movement vs Major Tooth Movement

Clear aligner treatment will be used for those who need mild to moderate correction.

Severely crooked teeth or large gaps between the teeth still require a more predictable orthodontic treatment with traditional braces. People with severely crooked or protruding teeth can choose clear aligners, but they have to expect a less predictable result.

Traditional braces will be glued to your teeth, making tooth movements possible by applying consistent forces. Therefore, patients can expect a more predictable and desired outcome with this conventional orthodontic treatment.

Your orthodontist will not glue your clear aligners to your teeth. They will place them over your teeth using attachments to ensure an effective treatment. These attachments will help make crooked teeth straight and move them to a correct position using gentle pressure and force from the aligners to your misaligned teeth.

Clear Aligner Therapy in Brisbane

You Need a Specialist Orthodontist for Clear Aligner Treatment

It is essential to refer to a licensed Brisbane specialist orthodontist if you need to receive orthodontic treatment to ensure you will achieve the desired outcome.

Sometimes, your clear aligner may not fit as well as expected and will require reshaping and resizing.

A licensed Brisbane specialist orthodontist will create a custom treatment plan for each patient. An experienced orthodontist will meticulously determine the number of aligner trays and whether the patient’s teeth need attachments.

How Many Clear Aligners Will I need?

How many clear aligners each patient needs will vary depending on how crooked the teeth are. While some patients may need 20 aligners in their treatment plan to move their teeth to new positions, others may require 40 to 48 aligners for effective tooth movements.

Your orthodontist is the one who can determine the exact number of aligners you need in your treatment plan.

Are Aligners Suitable For Children?

Clear aligner treatment corrects misaligned teeth for adults and teenagers and according to Paediatric dentists in Brisbane, it is not typically used for children. Children are constantly growing, and so are their mouths. Therefore, clear aligners are not typically considered the best treatment option for pediatric patients. See the kid’s dentist in Brisbane website for more information regarding dental treatments for children.

Clear Aligners Average Treatment Period

How Long Does It Take For Clear Aligner Therapy To Straighten Teeth?

Clear aligners need to be worn for no less than 22 hours a day for about 12-18 months to be able to move misaligned teeth to ideal positions.

If the patient’s teeth require smaller movements, clear aligners may need to be worn for short periods. (shorter than 12 months) In some cases, patients may need to wear their aligners for up to 24 months.

Patients who refuse to consistently wear their aligner trays for the recommended amount of time will interfere with efficient tooth movements and extend the treatment time.

Clear Aligner Therapy in Brisbane

How To Clean Teeth With Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners are not fixed appliances; patients must remove them to brush and floss their teeth. To maintain the shape of your aligner, avoid drinking very hot liquids while undergoing treatment with Invisalign or invisible clear aligners.

Can I Take My Aligners Off?

Yes. You can remove your aligners for about 2 hours every day.

Invisalign System

Invisalign or Clear Aligners?

For many people, aligner therapy equals Invisalign. Well, Invisalign and clear aligners are the same things with the same treatment goals. Invisalign is simply one of the most popular brands of aligners manufactured by the company Align Technology.

Advantages Of Invisalign Treatment

The shape, size, and overall appearance of our teeth can directly impact our confidence. Living with crooked, misaligned teeth can be embarrassing, but nobody has to bear the burden.

Invisalign or clear aligners work by gently and gradually moving your teeth into their ideal position and offering you a more pleasing smile.

Here are some benefits of straightening teeth with Invisalign:

  • aesthetically pleasing (as opposed to traditional braces)
  • safe and convenient
  • removable (as opposed to traditional braces)
  • easy to maintain
  • improved oral health
  • requires fewer visits with your orthodontist

Clear Aligner Treatment Process Explained

Your treatment begins with a consultation with our professional Brisbane orthodontist. Your Brisbane orthodontist will give you an honest, straightforward opinion on whether Invisalign is the best treatment option for you or if you’d better receive braces.

They will examine your mouth and teeth and take a digital scan using an intra-oral dental scanner.

The digital scan of your teeth will be sent to a dental lab, and dental technicians will begin creating your custom-made aligners that will fit your mouth.

You need to wear each set of aligner trays for 1 to 3 weeks and switch to the next set after that time.

Clear Aligner Therapy in Brisbane

What Are My Clear Aligner Made of?

Clear Aligner Material

Clear aligners are made of a clear plastic material (somewhat invisible polyurethane plastic), so you need to avoid drinking your hot coffee or any other hot liquids to prevent your aligners from becoming distorted.

How Much Do Clear Aligners Cost In Australia?

The cost of treatment with clear aligners will vary and depend on several factors. You can expect the prices to start from $6500 to $9500 for the entire treatment plan.

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