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A broken tooth is a dental emergency. Dental emergencies like loose teeth, chipped teeth and fractured teeth require urgent attention by a dentist. A knocked-out tooth is another example of a dental trauma. Quickly finding an emergency dentist with easy access can mean the difference between losing or saving that injured tooth.

Emergency Dentist 4122

If you live in Mansfield, Brisbane or you go to school in Mansfield, finding an emergency dentist should not be hard. Pure Dentistry provides emergency dental care. If you have an emergency right now,  call us on 07 3343 4869 immediately if you can talk so that the team is prepared for a quick response when you arrive. If it is not easy to speak over the phone due to a broken tooth or the injury to the mouth, see if you can get a friend or a family member to call us.

Driving from Mansfield to Pure Dentistry should take approximately about 10 minutes. You can drive down creek rd and Logan rd or take Newham rd and turn left onto Mount Gravatt Capalaba rd and then left again to Logan rd or take Sanders St and find us in the Village Shopping Centre. There is always parking available in the Village Shopping Centre. Front Entry is from Logan rd and back entry is from Sanders St. If you are driving from Mansfield to Pure Dentistry yourself, it is important to keep calm while driving and drive safely.

Generally speaking you should try to find an emergency dental clinic within the first 30 minutes of a dental emergency. The driving time to get to Pure Dentistry from neighbouring suburbs is not a lot and the roads are not generally congested. There is an ambulance parking available right in front of Pure Dentistry in the Village Shopping Centre. There is a Medical Centre next to our dental clinic.

Make sure you bring the knocked out tooth with you so that our dentist can re implant the tooth back into its socket if possible.

When picking up the knocked out tooth try to pick it up by the crown of the tooth and not the roots. The crown of the tooth is the top of the tooth.

Gently rinse the tooth while holding the crown and if you can put it back into its socket. Keep your tooth in a cup of milk or a small container and bring it with you.

What is not a dental emergency?

Well if you are not in pain and you have a chipped tooth that requires smoothing down or you have a crown that needs re-cementing, then these do not constitute a dental emergency in the sense that they are not urgent.

A dental emergency requires immediate attention and you should see a dentist soon.

Mouth sores are not a dental emergency.  You can consult your pharmacist for a suitable product but if the sores persist see your Brisbane dentist.

A broken brace or a a broken wire is not a dental emergency. You can cover any sharp pieces and see your dentist.

A broken dental bridge is not a dental emergency. Just see our dentist as soon as you can and bring all pieces with you.

Can dental emergency be avoided?

The truth is that dental emergencies can happen to anyone. However, there are certain things that you can do to avoid them as much as possible.

A routine dental x-ray and check-up by a qualified professional dentist who provides you with honest advice and has modern equipment to detect and prevent decays in your teeth can help you avoid certain dental emergencies. If your children play contact sports with other kids, then wearing a mouth guard can protect them from injuries leading to a dental emergency.

At Pure Dentistry, our dentists make custom-fitted mouth guards. To make these mouth guards, the dentist takes an impression and builds a plastic model of your teeth. The benefit of getting a dentist to make your mouth guard is that the dentist can precisely assess your teeth and build the most fitting mouth guard for your teeth. These mouth guards are made to suit the unique shape and arrangement of the teeth in your mouth and therefore you should expect these mouth guards to be more comfortable to wear. Speaking with these custom-fitted mouth guards is much easier than other varieties and they won’t impede your breathing.

Pure Dentistry is located in the suburb of upper mt gravatt and most of our patients come from mount Gravatt area and other suburbs near us.

Approximate driving time from the suburbs near to our dental clinic are: mt gravatt 4122 (8 min), mt gravatt east 4122 (8 min), upper mt gravatt 4122 (4 min), mackenzie 4156 (10 min), wishart 4122 (8 min), macgregor 4109 (6 min), eight mile plains 4113 (12 min), mansfield 4122 (10 min), salisbury 4107 (14 min), coopers plains 4108 (16 min), robertson 4109 (9 min).

Save your dentist phone number in your contact list and be prepared to save your tooth should dental emergencies occur.

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