Protect Children’s Teeth During Sports Activities

Why Is It Necessary to Protect Children’s Teeth During Sports Activities?

Active kids who enjoy sports should always have their smiles protected. It is not just about preventing immediate discomfort; it’s key to safeguarding their dental health for the future. Taking the right steps to protect children’s teeth during sports activities, our Brisbane paediatric dentists help ensure their bright smiles stay healthy and intact.

Protect Children's Teeth During Sports ActivitiesThe Role of Mouth Guards in Sports

A sports guard or mouth protector is a vital piece of protective equipment for any child playing sports. It’s specially designed to protect your child’s teeth and mouth from potential injuries. These guards play a key role in protecting teeth from impacts during sports, reducing the risk of broken teeth and injuries to the lips, tongue, and jaw.

Paediatric dental experts highly recommend using a sports guard as it forms a protective barrier, ensuring your young athlete’s oral health is safeguarded during their active play.

Different Types of Mouth Guards to Protect Children’s Teeth During Sports Activities

When choosing sports mouthguards to protect your child’s teeth during sports activities, there are three main types to consider, each offering different levels of mouth protection.

Stock Mouth Guards: These are ready-made, over-the-counter options in sporting goods stores and pharmacies. They’re a quick pick for children who play sports, but they might not fit perfectly as they’re pre-formed.

Boil and Bite Mouth Guards: These involve softening the guard in hot water and biting into it to form a more customised shape for the child’s mouth. They offer a better fit than stock options and are available at most stores.

Custom Fit Mouth Guards: Made by a dentist, a custom mouth guard is tailored specifically for your child. It provides the best fit and protection for the teeth and is highly recommended for effective mouth protection in sports.

Each type of mouth guard has its own effectiveness, with custom guards being the most recommended by paediatric dentists for children playing sports.

Remember, it’s advisable to choose products endorsed with the American Dental Association (ADA) Seal of Acceptance for assurance of quality and safety.

Consulting a Dentist for the Best Protection

For the best protection of your child’s teeth during sports, it’s wise to consult a kids’ dentist. They can guide you in choosing the right mouthguards and other protective gear tailored to your child’s needs.

A kids dentist’s advice ensures that the gear fits comfortably and provides the most effective protection during sports activities.

Protect Children's Teeth During Sports ActivitiesTypes of Dental Injuries in Sports

In sports, common dental injuries include chipped or broken teeth and, in more severe cases, knocked-out teeth. A hit to the mouth can also lead to injuries to the lips, gums, or inside of the mouth, highlighting the importance of a mouth guard.

Immediate Steps After a Dental Injury

Unfortunately, some parents admitted their kids often don’t wear mouthguards during organised sports. It is essential because mouthguards are key for safety, just like helmets and pads.

If a child suffers a sports injury during sports, the first step is to assess the injury. Rinse the mouth with water and apply a cold compress for minor injuries.

If there’s a major injury like a knocked-out tooth, handling the tooth properly and seeking emergency dental care is crucial. Always contact a dentist immediately for guidance and ensure prompt treatment.

Preventive Dental Care for Young Athletes

Regular dental check-ups are key to maintaining good dental health for young athletes. These visits allow paediatric dentistry experts to monitor and manage sports-related issues, like injuries from not using a mouth guard.

They also provide a chance to reinforce good oral hygiene habits, which is vital for active children in sports. Regular dental care is important in keeping your child’s smile bright and healthy.

Protect Children's Teeth During Sports ActivitiesVisit Pure Dentistry for Your Child’s Dental Safety

At Pure Dentistry in Brisbane, our experienced dentists are aware of the unique dental needs of your children, especially those actively engaged in sports. We pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive range of personalised dental services to ensure the utmost safety and health of your child’s teeth.

Along with expert advice on choosing the right mouthguard and routine dental check-ups, we also specialise in sleep dentistry and laughing gas for anxiety-free dental experiences.

Additionally, our emergency services, including urgent root canal treatments, are always available to address any unexpected dental issues promptly and efficiently.

With our dedication to cutting-edge dental care and a child-friendly approach, we’re committed to keeping your young athlete’s smile both safe and radiant.

Contact us on phone number 07 33434869 to explore how we can support and enhance your child’s dental health and protection in sports.