Brisbane Dentist Open Sunday

Bisbane Emergency Dentists Open on Sundays for Dental Emergencies

Our experienced emergency dentists in Brisbane provide emergency dental care on Sundays in Brisbane. View our available Sunday dentists and book a Sunday appointment if you require immediate dental treatment:

Dental infection
Broken tooth

An emergency dental appointment in Brisbane is required when you are experiencing pain or when a dentist is required to prevent tooth loss.

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Treatment of Dental Injuries on Sundays

Don’t neglect injuries to the teeth. Trauma to the teeth requires close inspection by the dentists. During the examination, the dentist makes sure there is no damage to the nerves and surrounding tissues. In most cases, teeth can be restored in less than an hour. Dentists try to save natural teeth as much as practical. If the natural tooth is damaged beyond repair there are tooth replacement options.

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Dental Appointments on Sundays

Our dentists on Sundays are dentists experienced in providing emergency dental care. Our team of the front desk can help you during business hours and also after hours to arrange appointments for patients who require urgent dental care. You can call us on 07 3343 4869 or chat with us online from our website. You can also book online 24/7 directly from our website online booking system.

Brisbane Experienced Dentists Open on Sundays

We provide urgent dental care on Sundays for patients who require urgent care in Brisbane on Sundays.

Brisbane Dentists Open 7 Days

Our team of experienced dentists and certified dental nurses provide quality dental care near you in Brisbane for treatment of infected teeth or damaged teeth as a result of trauma to the teeth.

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Dentist Open Sunday Brisbane

View our list of dentists. Some of our dentists also work on Sundays and provide emergency dental care in Brisbane on Sundays. You can call us or chat with us to book an appointment for your toothache or dental injury. If you are in pain it can be a dental emergency. Our front desk collects some information about the history of your toothache or dental injury so the nurses can set up the room for the dentist prior to your arrival.

Sunday Dental Care - Emergency Appointments

Call us or a Sunday Dental visit if you have a toothache or have experienced trauma to your dental tissues. You can also use the online chat service on our website for after hours and Sunday dental emergencies.

Dentist Open on Sunday Near Me

Dental emergencies can happen anytime. If you are looking for a dentist open on Sunday near Mt Gravatt area, look no further. Our dental clinic is open 7 days a week. On Sundays, our experienced emergency dentists provide dental care to patients who require urgent care including toothache, dental abscess, loose or missing tooth, cracked tooth, bleeding gums, swollen face, swollen gums.