CBD Oil: is it good for your teeth?

What is CBD?

CBD, which is short for “cannabidiol,” is one of the main chemical compounds in the cannabis plant. The plant refers to hemp plants and marijuana plants.

This is general information. It may not be suitable for every condition. Consult with a professional dentist for medical or dental advice.

Avoid using CBD if:

  • you have Parkinson’s disease
  • you have tumour
  • you show an allergic reaction after taking CBD
  • you are taking blood thinners
  • You are taking anti-epilepsy drugs

Can CBD get you high?

No! CBD may relieve your anxiety, but get you high? NO!

While some people associate CBD with the high of marijuana and think CBD acts the same way as marijuana does, it’s wrong!

CBD does not have the same effects on the brain as “weed” or “pot,” THC is responsible for creating the high of marijuana.

Yes, CBD has been reported to be able to reduce anxiety, but it is non-psychoactive.

CBD and THC are compounds found in cannabis and hemp plants; however, CBD does not have psychoactive effects and will not cause a high or state of euphoria.

What is CBD Oil?

Hemp oil Vs. CBD oil

While CBD oil derives from the flowers, leaves, and stems of the cannabis plant, hemp oil comes from pressing the plant’s seeds.

Both oils have potential benefits for your health. Both hemp and CBD oil can create natural pain relief.

Hemp oil and other hemp products

Here are some health benefits that hemp products may have:

  • contains little or no THC and has no psychoactive effects (won’t cause a high)
  • contains omega-6, vitamin C, calcium, and iron
  • may help with skin issues and improve your skin condition
  • may improve your heart health and help with cardiovascular disease
  • might be able to reduce inflammation
  • has anti-aging properties

Because hemp oil contains omega-3 fats, it may be helpful for people who have high blood pressure.

CBD health benefits

CBD seems to have many potential benefits for your well-being:

  • CBD oil is widely used to decrease anxiety; you may be recommended to take a few drops of the oil before your major dental work if you have dental anxiety or dental phobia
  • CBD may improve poor sleep and help with sleep apnea
  • CBD oil has been reported to have anti-inflammatory effects and pain-relieving effects
  • CBD can prevent disease-causing microorganisms like streptococcus mutans from growing
  • CBD appears to help reduce depression
  • CBD oil may also help with chronic pain
  • CBD oil has also been reported to help reduce symptoms of tooth sensitivity and gum inflammation
  • Taking CBD oil may help with arthritis or joint pain
  • CBD can improve daytime teeth grinding, which is caused by anxiety

Note: Teeth grinding may result from stress, and in severe cases, it needs serious care.

Teeth grinding may cause:

  • damage to your teeth
  • sensitive teeth
  • tooth pain

Call your dentist in Brisbane to seek treatment for your teeth grinding.

CBD and dental anxiety

Fight your dental phobia or the fear of the dentist with CBD

Based on some studies, CBD can address anxiety and give you more courage to deal with your dental anxiety and get the treatment you need.

Take a few drops of the oil before you go to your dentist and feel more at ease.

While some anxiety-fighting medications, such as benzodiazepines, can cause addiction, with this natural product, you can handle your anxiety or depression better without harmful side effects.

Taking a couple of drops of CBD the night before your major dental work may put your mind at ease and prepare you to receive care for your teeth.

You are supposed to take 1.5mg of CBD for every 10 pounds that you weigh.

CBD benefits for your oral health:

As you know, our mouth is home to countless bacteria, both good and bad. That’s right! Some mouth bacteria are beneficial, and our mouth needs them to keep our gums and teeth healthy.

CBD oil benefits for the oral biome

Not all mouth bacteria should be killed; some oral bacteria are essential and useful for our oral microbiome, and killing them can cause problems for our dental health.

CBD may improve your oral health by being included in your oral care routine.

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD can decrease inflammation-causing bacteria in the mouth and not all the bacteria.

CBD oil appears to be a good option to improve the oral microbiome by fighting against harmful oral bacteria like Streptococcus mutans, the common bacteria which can cause cavities.

Gum Disease

Dental plaque is a sticky film of bacteria that should be removed regularly after eating and drinking, or it will cause tooth decay.

If not removed with proper dental care, dental plaque will accumulate on your teeth and cause many dental issues over time, including tooth decay and periodontal disease. Plaque buildup will cause swollen gums and bad breath.

Washing your teeth with proper brushing technique and flossing regularly will significantly help remove plaque from your teeth and reduce the risk of gum infection. Periodontal disease or gum disease occurs because of the infection and inflammation of the gums due to the accumulation of bacteria.

Who has a higher risk of developing gum disease?

People who smoke and neglect their oral care routine have a higher risk of gum disease. In severe cases and in more advanced stages of gum disease, people will experience bone loss and tooth loss. Proper dental care, including regular flossing and brushing your tooth, can stop plaque colonies from growing and lower your risk of developing gum disease. Call your dentist in Brisbane today to learn about preventive oral care habits that prevent gum disease.

Symptoms of gum disease

Most patients with gum disease will experience:

  • red gums
  • gums inflammation
  • bad breath coming from the mouth
  • tender gums
  • pain in your gums
  • sensitive teeth and gums
  • receding gums
  • bleeding gums

CBD oil benefits for gum disease

While more research is needed to confirm the beneficial effects of CBD on treating or reducing symptoms of gum disease, some tests done on animals showed that CBD may decrease gum inflammation caused by gum disease.

According to some clinical studies, CBD may reduce plaque colonies, and because of its anti-inflammatory properties, it may help reduce the pain and inflammation associated with gum disease. Some even claim that CBD can act as an antibiotic and fight the harmful bacteria associated with gum disease.

The anti-inflammatory effects of CBD oil may:

  • improve symptoms of tooth sensitivity, receding gums, and swollen gums
  • help with dealing with minor tooth decay
  • reduce tooth pain because of its painkilling abilities

Sometimes, the horrible tooth pain you are experiencing is due to the inflammation of the pulp inside your tooth. Taking CBD may relieve the pain and discomfort caused by the inflamed pulp.

Pour some drops of the oil on the affected area or take a piece of gauze and add CBD to it and place the gauze on the affected area to alleviate the pain. It is important to note that the use of CBD oil is not a treatment option. It may help to alleviate pain, but you will need to seek emergency dental care as soon as possible.

Note: CBD oil will not cause bad breath.

How to use CBD oil

You can add drops of CBD oil to your toothpaste before brushing.

To benefit from the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD oil, most patients pour a few drops of CBD oil on their swollen gums or under the tongue to alleviate the pain and inflammation.

*Consult your doctor on how to use CBD.*

It’s important to follow your healthcare provider about the recommended dosage of CBD.

  • You can swallow CBD capsules
  • You can spray CBD under your tongue
  • You can mix CBD with your food or drink

Please remember that CBD (CBD oil or CBD toothpaste) cannot replace professional dental treatment for gum disease, tooth decay, or any dental issue a person might have. You still need to refer to your dentist and receive professional oral care; CBD can only be considered a complement to other treatments.

Other benefits of CBD

In addition to its anti-inflammatory properties, pain-relieving abilities, and anti-anxiety features, CBD appears to have other benefits. According to some studies, CBD can improve the quality of your sleep.

Poor sleep can lead to anxiety and many other health concerns.

Some people tend to sleep with a mouth wide open, which may be due to sleep apnea. Sleeping with an open mouth can put your teeth health in danger and cause cavities over time.

CBD can improve your sleep, your overall well-being and prevent dental issues.