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Signs of a Good Dentist

What Are The Signs of a Good, Affordable Dentist in Brisbane?

Good Oral Health

Everyone knows the importance of proper oral hygiene and regular dental visits for good oral health.

As recommended by the Australian Dental Association, everyone must follow these recommendations to enjoy lifelong healthy teeth and mouth:

  • brush their teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste
  • floss between their teeth at least once a day
  • maintain a healthy balanced diet
  • limit their intake of sugary and sweet foods and drinks
  • schedule regular dental checkups every six months for the prevention or treatment of oral problems

Signs of Good Dentists in Brisbane

Now the question most patients ask is how to find a good dentist or a paediatric dentist in Brisbane? What makes a top-quality dentist?

What do you think? Are dentists’ knowledge and graduation from dental school enough to be considered great dentists in Brisbane? Or other qualities are required?

The ADA suggests patients take their time and search, call, or visit more than one dentist to be able to find the right dentist.

We have listed essential qualities a dentist should have to become your ideal dentist.

Are they highly recommended?

Choosing a quality dentist can go a long way in improving your dental health. Consider dentists’ reputations and other patients’ opinions about them before you jump to any conclusion.

You can ask for referrals only from the people you truly know and trust. Your family and close friends can typically be of great help when choosing a dentist.

Ask if they have had a long-term relationship with that specific dentist. That can tell you a lot. No one likes to spend money on a bad dentist or a dentist who lacks many positive qualities.

Family and friends will usually try to be honest about their past experiences with a dentist.

You can also research online and read other patients’ reviews about the dentists you have listed.

People will typically write about:

  • how clean the dentist’s office was
  • whether or not they were satisfied with the quality of the oral care they received
  • how friendly the office staff were
  • how experienced the dentist was
  • how easy scheduling appointments was

What previous clients say about the dentist, the quality of their services, and how well they operate their dental practice are more important than what dentists write on their website.

You can also pay attention to how the dental office staff have reacted to negative feedback or complaints. However, if you are worried about fake online reviews, you can always choose the word-of-mouth referral.

Is their dental clinic clean?

It goes without saying that a great paediatric dentist or general dentist has a great clean office. Check your dentist’s office to see if everything is neat and orderly. Every dental instrument should be sterilized. Sterility and dentistry go hand in hand and are inseparable.

Dirty equipment or dental clinic can make patients sick and feel uncomfortable. Plus, a clean dentist’s office can indicate how meticulous they are with their services.

Old dirty gloves, equipment stored in a dirty drawer, dirty floors, surfaces, and furniture could be warning signs of a bad dentist. Good dentists and dental assistants must wear clean gloves while performing dental procedures.

Do they use modern equipment?

Having the necessary knowledge to perform dental procedures is vital but using modern equipment is also essential for desired results. Utilizing the latest dental technology can be one of the good signs that you have ended up with a good dentist.

Dentistry is evolving and continually changing; new techniques and equipment are being introduced and used in general and cosmetic dentistry. A quality dentist will provide patients with high-quality dental procedures using modern equipment and up-to-date technology like digital x-rays.

Dental examination and dental x-rays must be performed using the latest technology to offer an accurate diagnosis. Having an OPG machine on-site is another sign of a quality dentist who cares about the patient time and convenience.

Are they willing to listen to you and explain things clearly?

Excellent listening skills and communicating with patients are essential qualities of an experienced dentist.

Most patients feel at ease when they feel they are being listened to.

A patient should not feel uncomfortable asking about treatment options, preferred treatment plan, cost of the treatment, or even their dental fear or anxiety. If your dentist actively listens to you and is willing to answer all your questions or concerns, you probably have a great dentist.

Do they educate you?

A good dentist is willing to take time and give you professional advice on excellent oral health habits, viable dental procedures, and ways to prevent dental health issues.

Aren't they trying to upsell?

Dentists can recognize a patient’s dental care requirements with a thorough examination in the office. Great paediatric dentists will only suggest the treatments that are necessary for the patient’s health.

If you notice your dentist is always trying to upsell, they may not be the best dentist you could have asked for.

Do they respect the patient time?

Every dentist should be considerate of their patient’s time. If you have to wait half an hour or more in the waiting room to be visited by the dentist, it could indicate that the value of your time is not being respected here.

Did they ask about your dental and medical history?

A good dentist will gain sufficient information about your dental and medical history during an appointment so that they can make an informed decision and provide better care.

Do they have a great rapport with their staff?

If you see a dentist with a friendly relationship with the staff, they are more likely to build the same relationship with you. A good dentist is willing to support their dental assistants and patient.

Do they provide emergency dental care?

Dental emergencies may occur at any time. It is important to make sure your dental expert provides after-hours emergency dentists near Carindale.

Do they follow up on you?

A good dentist won’t be done with you after the procedure is done. They will offer follow-up appointments to ensure you are doing ok after treatments. Dentists who are caring and will follow up on a patient will help reduce the risk of complications after certain procedures like dental implants or having teeth extracted.

Do You Have the Best Dentist?

Ok, now answer this important question? Does your current dentist meet these standards, or should you consider a new dentist? You and your family deserve to feel comfortable and safe if you need orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry, or any other dental procedure.

Do they offer affordable dental payment plans?

High costs of dental treatments may be the reason for many people to avoid receiving oral care. Offering various payment plans by a dentist can put a patient’s mind at ease.

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