Care for Deciduous Teeth

Are you one of those new parents who bottle feeds their baby to sleep and is wondering what that milk is doing to your child new teeth?  Or are you breast feeding your child and you are wondering if leaving milk in your child’s moth is affecting the oral health of your young one. Much [...]

Time to quit smoking

Nicotine present in cigarettes causes your teeth to stain and discolour. The issue is a bit deeper than that because smoking also reduces the flow of blood to your gums and your teeth. Oral cancer has been linked to long-term smoking. The risk of  oral cancer in smokers is almost 10 times more that people [...]

Floss your teeth

Dental flossing is important because the floss can reach between your teeth. unless you are using a special brush, normal brushes do not reach the space between the teeth. small it may seem but the space between the teeth is almost half of the total surface area! yes. you should floss otherwise you have missed [...]