Is My Child Going To Have Braces In Brisbane

Is My Child Going to Have Braces?

I Have Had Braces. Is My Child Going to Have Braces As Well? read more →

Dental Caries In Brisbane

Dental Caries

Dental caries, also known as tooth decay, is a transmissible infectious disease that causes damage to read more →

When Can I Toothpaste For My Child In Brisbane

When Can I Use Toothpaste For My Child?

Most children begin to have their first tooth at about six months; paediatric dentists recommend parents read more →

Decayed tooth

Tooth Decay

The breakdown of a tooth because of bacteria is commonly known as tooth decay or dental caries. read more →

Effects Of Chemotherapy On Teeth In Brisbane

Effect Of Chemotherapy On Teeth

These abnormal cells can destroy normal body tissue and are considered a leading cause of death. read more →

cancer and tooth

Childhood Cancer Manifestation in the Oral Cavity

Childhood cancer is the second-highest cause of death in children in the United States. read more →

Laughing gas Brisbane

Happy Gas Brisbane

Having kids practise good dental hygiene is not much of a challenge and is achievable read more →

Fluoride Treatment For Kids In Brisbane

Fluoride Treatment for Kids

Did you know fluoride is a mineral? That’s right, a naturally occurring mineral! Fluoride is found in read more →

Dry Mouth In Brisbane

Dry Mouth

Temporary feelings of dry mouth can sometimes be due to dehydration or breathing dry air. read more →

Sleep dentistry

Comfort in Dental Treatment

Going to the dentist is rarely an experience people look forward to, especially if they need restorative dental treatment. read more →

How To Fix Your Loose Teeth In Brisbane

How to Fix Your Loose Teeth

Having loose or fewer teeth affects one’s ability to talk and eat vegetables, fruits, and meats. read more →

Crowding or Crooked teeth photo

Crooked Teeth

Orthodontic problems such as having crooked or crowded teeth or misaligned teeth are so common read more →